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Dr. Michael Tumminello, BS, DC Neurological Chiropractor & Clinical Director


We utilize a Holistic Combination Approach to get you Healthy again!

Advanced Chiropractic

Progressive Rehabilitation

Clinical Nutrition

Therapeutic Massage

Non Surgical Nerve Decompression Therapy



Our Mission

  • To save our friends, community, and country from the profound negative IMPACT of poor health.

Our Purpose

  • To teach and utilize the "6 Factors of Health Wellness Model" so all patients may heal, recover, and improve their health to live their best life possible!
  • To provide powerful, natural therapies that amplify the patient's ability to heal.
  • To provide therapies that are the safest, longest lasting, and most effective.

Our Vision
  • To see our community members become great examples of healthy thinking and healthy living in Georgia and America!  We see our patients learning and sharing the"6 Factors of Health Wellness Model" with their friends, families, and community to continue the momentum of healthy living world wide.

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