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Antibiotics Being Scrapped for Most Ear Infections released a story on March 3, 2004 reporting that ANTIBIOTICS MAY NO LONGER BE WHAT THE DOCTOR ORDERS. According to federal health officials, two leading medical groups are expected to recommend this spring that doctors stop treating most ear infections in children with antibiotics.

About half of all antibiotics prescribed to preschool children are for treating ear infections.  The problem that is arising is that because of the high usage, more bacterial infections are becoming resistant to antibiotics.  Health officials believe if they can reduce child antibiotic use for such infections, they can stop the rise of antibiotic-resistant germs created by overuse of the drugs.

Dr. Richard Besser, acting chief of the meningitis and special pathogens branch of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention admitted that this new recommendation will represent a marked departure from years of common practice.  He states, "It will mark a dramatic change in appropriate antibiotic use."   ( what this means in normal non-doctor cover up language is that they’ve been really causing a lot of problems by recklessly giving antibiotics out like candy for every sniffle and cold and now the devastating effects are being discovered… just like they were warned about years ago )

Dr. Allan Lieberthal, co-chairman of the medical committee reviewing the proposed new guidelines stated, "Since the discovery of penicillin, when there is a bacterial infection, antibiotics are given." He continued, "Because of the increasing resistance of common bacteria to antibiotics, the importance of limiting their use is essential."  

Dr.’ s comments:

In light of recent articles about the horrible long term side effects of antibiotics (bern can you link here to anitibiotics and cancer) the regulation committees are finally coming to their senses and strongly recommending that doctors stop recklessly giving drugs out like candy for every sniffle, sore throat, or cold that comes along.  Why are they stopping this legal drug abuse…. Because they are finally documenting the long term side effects of these very dangerous drugs.  Drug companies and doctors have known for years that ANTIBIOTICS HAVE DEVASTAGING SIDE EFFECTS but have kept it to themselves while they have causally given our children the drugs.  Next month will be more information on antibiotics.