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Mind & Emotions

Setting & Achieving Wellness Goals



How a Positive Mental Attitude Affects Your Health


There is no denying that our emotions affect our physical energy level, and vice-versa.  What we eat each day affects our mood both positively and negatively.  The stresses we experience emotionally will also wear our bodies down.


Diet and Emotion

It is important to maintain normal levels of glucose in your blood, as extra high or low levels can compromise optimal brain function.  Fluctuations in blood glucose alter memory, learning capacity and mood.


When we eat fast releasing sugars found in white bread, sweets and breakfast cereals, we create a stress in the body, stimulating the release of cortisol, which can cause emotional depression.  Slow releasing carbohydrates, such as whole grains, potatoes and many kinds of vegetables, release their fuel slowly, to help maintain normal levels of glucose in the blood.


Thought for Food

Diet is not the only factor that impacts our emotions.  Our thoughts are important to our total health.  When our body is not functioning properly, we often experience negative emotions.  What we think impacts our body.  Negative emotions such as bitterness, resentment and un-forgiveness can be some of the most deadly emotions a person can have.  These emotions may prevent the body from releasing toxic material, especially from the gallbladder.  This toxic buildup can eventually lead to disease.  Negative emotions rob the body of valuable energy, which hinders the body from cleansing and healing itself.  Negative emotions permeate the body with negative influence.

Some tips for keeping a positive mental attitude are:
  1. Keep a regular practice of Prayer & Meditation – take a quiet time for you every day, and throughout the day
  2. Be aware of your Speech – what you say about others and yourself continues to feed negative thought patterns
  3. Hang around with Positive People – thoughts, words and attitudes are contagious.  The people around you can affect you both positively and negatively.
  4. Think Positive Thoughts – all words and actions originate as a thought.  What we think comes out in our actions, which affects our well-being.