All About Dairy
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So What's Wrong with Milk?


Just like a human mother's milk is designed for her human baby, cow's milk is designed for a baby calf.  Mom's milk for a new born allows the baby to absorb more calcium and less fat than from cow's milk.  In face, only 25% of the calcium in cow's milk is absorbed by the body.  No mammals, except for humans, consume milk after the weaning period.


Many adult health conditions related to cow's milk and dairy products.  Modern farming techniques have introduced more bacteria, antibiotics, hormones, pesticides and other contaminants, which can negatively affect your health.  100's of patients at Life Empowerment Institute have found connections between their health challenges and the consumption of dairy products, and discovered relief when they reduced or eliminated dairy from their diets. 


We have put together some great resources for you to reduce or eliminate dairy in your diet, and some great alternatives so you won't feel like you are missing some of your favorite foods.  Many processed or packaged foods contain dairy as well, so make sure you read labels thoroughly, and know which ingredients are milk byproducts.


Dairy's Relationship to Disease

Dairy Foods to Avoid

Great Empowering Dairy Alternatives