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How Curing My Allergies Changed My Life

As a kid, I was sick ALL the time.  It always started out the same, as a little allergy type thing.  Eventually the sinus congestion would travel down into my lungs, and I would get bronchitis, occasionally pneumonia.  I tried every Decongestant, Antihistamine, Cough Suppressant and Antibiotic, but nothing helped.

It wasn’t until my first quarter of chiropractic college that I began to experience some relief.  It started with simple adjustments.  I learned about the term subluxation, what it meant, how it affects your health and your life.  I learned how all the drugs I had been taking all my life to “get healthy” were only designed to cover up a symptom, and did nothing to fix the problem of WHY I was getting sick.

The improvement was so gradual that I didn’t really realize how big the change was until one Spring day, I could actually SMELL the flowers!
Since then, I have grown in my understanding of how chiropractic care can impact one’s overall health, and how changes in diet also impact the body’s amazing ability to heal itself.  You would never know that I was that sickly kid for all those years!  I found out from my mother sometime later that I was delivered with forceps, which the doctors used to forcibly pull me out by my head.  I believe it was this initial injury which misaligned my spine and caused my first subluxation, impacting my entire life up until the time I had it corrected.
I have dedicated my life to chiropractic and to helping as many people as I can.  This is a picture of my son, I checked and adjusted him myself 10 minutes after his birth, which I supervised.  I want to insure my son does not have to endure the same health problems I had.  I KNOW the importance of being subluxation free, and I will do everything in my power to insure he lives a healthy, happy, subluxation free life.

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