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Can Exercise Actually Weaken Your Immune System?


What do we always hear about exercise?   Do it! Work through it, no pain, no gain, exercise boosts immune function, exercise decreases depression and lifts moods, exercise is good for your heart, exercise is good for blah, blah blah...well, today I have some new and exciting news for you about exercise.

Why Over Exercisers are LESS Healthy!


        OE produce stress hormones

        OE increases osteoarthritis & osteoporosis

        OE increases diseases

        OE increases free radical formation

        OE increases heart disease


 . . .And many other areas of your life.  Let’s bring back an old favorite many of you will remember from school The Bell Curve. Let me explain how this relates to exercise, and to Immune function… 


There are 3 main types of exercisers: 

1.    Those that don’tCouch Potatoes

2.    Those that do regularly – Wellness Exercisers

3.  And those that are obsessed- Over Exercisers (OE)



LEI Wellness Doctors’ Exercise Recommendations for Flu Season:

Slow down and actually decrease exercise this time of year if you currently exercise.  If you don’t exercise at all, then begin to exercise moderately!  Do not go hit the gym like you are training for the Olympics. Start slow. Take a daily walk around the block or use the stairs instead of the elevator at work. Mild to moderate exercise has been shown to be beneficial to immune function even after people become sick.