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Eyesight Exercises


Improving Your Vision: The Eyes Have It!

Like every other part of your body, your eyes need to be exercised to stay fit and continue working properly.  If your eyes are frequently sore and tired, try these three simple vision exercises regularly to help improve your eye health.


  1. Place the palms of your hands against the orbits of your eye (the palms shouldn't touch the eyeball, only the bony area around it).  Apply enough pressure so that you have total darkness in both eyes.  Keep your eyes closed and covered.  Look up as far as you can.  Now look straight ahead.  Then look as far as you can to the right and go back to the center.  Now look straight down as far as you can and back to the center.  Now go all the way to the left and back to the center.


  1. Hold a pencil straight out in front of you an arm's length.  Focus both eyes on the tip of the pencil.  Slowly bring the pencil in toward your face, keeping your eyes focused on the tip until it touches your nose.  now slowly move the pencil back to arm's length, still focusing on the tip.  Try to keep the tip in focus at all times.  As your eye muscles become stronger, this exercise will become easier.


  1. Hold a pencil at arm's length and look straight ahead at all times.  Do not move your head during this exercise.  Slowly move the pencil upward until you can no longer see the point with your peripheral vision.  Now move it slowly back down to the center - keep focusing - and all the way to the right until you can no longer see the point, and back to the center.  Then go all the way down until you no longer see the point, bring it back up to the center and do the same thing going to the left and back to the center.