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The World Famous
Hallelujah Diet
In Sandy Springs

You've tried low carb, Southbeach, Weight Watchers, etc. to lose those extra pounds, but how about a diet that can actually help you improve your outlook on life, reverse and prevent disease, increase your energy AND help you shed pounds . . . naturally . . . . FOR LIFE?

The Hallelujah Dietsm is a long-term lifestyle plan, based on God's original instructions to mankind in Genesis 1:29, that emphasizes the importance of raw, living plant foods and their juices. Since the body is made up of living cells, it needs living food at the cellular level. The Hallelujah Dietsm is designed to maximize the amount of vital nutrients that reach the body's many cells. When the body is given the resources and conditions that it needs, it is able to maximize the built-in healing power given by the Creator.

Arthritis had its full hold on me -- but not anymore. "...I am in my 4th week (on the Hallelujah Diet) and feel great. Arthritis had it's full hold on me - but not anymore. I feel so much better and alive. The diet is not hard to follow after you make up your mind to make the change..." . . . feeling alive, alert, energetic and happy. . . "Thanks for your ministry and all the wonderful information. I have been on the Hallelujah Diet since March 1999 and feel the best I have in the 46 years of my life. Having been a big-time meat eater previously, I have to say I don't miss it at all. After two years of feeling absolutely miserable I went on the Hallelujah Diet and have lost unwanted pounds, gotten into a very regular exercise program, am eating the right stuff, taking dehydrated barley juice powder, juicing and enjoying every minute of life--feeling alive, alert, energetic, and happy with myself in every way!  . . . since our lifestyle change, I HAVE LOST OVER 50 POUNDS! I have been on The Hallelujah Diet for two and a half years now and I LOVE IT! My VISION HAS IMPROVED, I NO LONGER SUFFER FROM ASTHMA OR SINUSITIS (I don’t even use a puffer anymore). I CAN BREATH EASY and HAVE MORE ENERGY AND LIFE IN ME. But the best part is my healing from BULIMIA. The ‘Diet’ taught me how to eat sensibly and I received my healing that way. Reports show I am cancer FREE!  I lost over 25 pounds since starting the Hallelujah Diet 100% on January 25, 2001. I have significantly increased energy, while my stage 4 bone cancer is simply GONE! No ADD.  My eight-year-old son was having difficulty in school with attention - they wanted to evaluate him for ADD - well I decided to just put him on the Hallelujah Diet (including the Barley Green, which he loves), and a week later the teacher called and said he was a different child!The World Famous Hallelujah Diet is coming to Life Empowerment Institute and will be taught by Dr. Mike & Dr. Dan.  Everyone is invited to come and visit the first class for FREE.  Those who want to pre-register for the class prior to January 26 will receive an “Early Bird” DISCOUNT. 

The cost includes 10 healthy meals, 10 powerful weeks of information, encouragement and food preparation tips, a Hallelujah Diet Manual, and an awesome lunch each week.  Sign up with a friend, and qualify for the “Couple Rate.”  Call for rates.


For more information, contact Life Empowerment at 404-255-4410!