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How I Corrected My High Blood Pressure


Hi, my name is Richard and my blood pressure had been approximately 30-50 points above normal since I was in my mid 30’s.  Every doctor I have ever been to told me I would need to be on heart drugs for the rest of my life.  I decided that I would not take prescription drugs because I did my own research and felt that the side effects were more dangerous over time than my high blood pressure. But after several years of nagging and coercion, my wife finally got me to see the doctors at Life Empowerment Institute … and God am I grateful I finally went!  Let me tell you what they did for me…


The chiropractic doctor did a full assessment of my situation.  He took x-rays of my spine, took a full 7 day diet analysis for nutritional imbalances, and did a computerized nervous system scan to evaluate the condition of the nerves regulating my heart and whole body.  I had no idea chiropractors were so thorough in their analysis, and frankly I had never had such a complete workup.  The analysis the doctor did for my x-rays showed where my spine had been misaligned from an injury I had in my twenties.   I thought it was just a minor accident, but over time it was causing more harm to my nerves, bones and organs. 


After my first adjustment, I was amazed to see my blood pressure drop 10 points in just 3 weeks.  It raised and lowered slightly for several weeks, and then began to steadily drop to normal ranges after about 4-5 months of care.  My chiropractor not only worked with me by correcting my spine and nerves, but also began correcting my nutrition.  He discovered a subtle allergy to dairy I had, which was completely unnoticed my whole life . . . but when I removed the offending foods, my swollen arthritic knuckles began to ease up, become softer and more flexible! 


I have been a patient at Life Empowerment for over 5 years now, and my whole family comes to improve their health too.  When I first came here, I was sure I was 55 years OLD… but now I’m positive I’m 59 years YOUNG!