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Car Excercises


Dr. Mike's

Car Exercises For Powerfully Busy People


Living in the 2000’s in Atlanta can be a truly extraordinary experience.  The stress of the day to day culture can either make or break you.  Here are a few exercises that keep you on the path to creating an extraordinary life.


They can be done while in the car, waiting in lines, talking on the phone, etc.  Pick a couple of these ideas and use them each day.


        Every time you have to stop at a stoplight, tighten your abdominal muscles and hold them until the light turns green. Repeat this at every stoplight.


        If you are a passenger in a car, give your eyes a workout! You can strengthen your eye muscles and may lessen the need for glasses by focusing on something very close inside the car and then quickly focusing on an object far off in the distance. Repeat this for about 30 seconds increments. (For more eye excercises click here: (Eyesight Exercises) 

        Sit up good and straight and tighten your shoulder blades to pull them down and together behind you.  Once you contract that set of muscles, hold that position for the length of the red light. (don’t forget to breath)


        Bicep flexion: at stop lights flex both biceps as hard as you can so that both arms are completely tight throughout the time of the red light.  


        If you're by yourself, you can do contortions with your face to help firm up the facial muscles and give yourself a "face lift." By moving your lips, cheeks, and eyebrows, & making faces, you can tone up the small facial muscles and avoid some of the wrinkles from those loose and weak muscles.


        Stretching is great exercise and can be done several times a day with little effort. At least once a day "reach for the sky," stand as tall and as straight as you possibly can, push your shoulders back as far as they will go and put every joint in your body through its total range of motion.  In the car when stopped, you can reach you hand over you head to behind your neck and get a great stretch of your rib cage, shoulder, and arms. 


        Take several deep breaths. Fill your lungs from the bottom up. Inhale slowly and feel the lungs expand from your abdominal area up through your chest to your collarbones and throat. Then slowly exhale completely.


        After getting in bed at night, stretch your body from your toes to your head and neck. Imagine making yourself a foot longer and feel the warm relaxing stretch.