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“ZiJiu” means self-help it's mission is to help people help themselves through spiritual and physical wellness. Some come to the Institute to learn how to beat serious illnesses, like cancer or lymphoma, in a positive and supportive environment. Others participate for health maintenance or to improve the quality of their lives by learning about work/life balance, healthy personal relationships, spiritual enlightenment, community service, and volunteerism.
The ZiJiu Method appears to go beyond stress relief and has the potential to help the body self-heal, prolong good health and quality of life. ZiJiu has shown effectiveness in being the primary or exclusive treatment for a wide range of health problems, including cancer. ZiJiu is best practiced every evening, in correlation with the seasonal cycle, lunar calendar and the body's circulation & energy meridians. Beyond physical wellness, the ZiJiu philosophy also teaches and supports mental and spiritual conditioning.

The ZiJiu Method appears to work on multiple levels to help the body destroy or deactivate cancer cells and prevent their regeneration or re-activation by:


1)      Strengthening the immune system

2)      Collecting and transforming genuine qi into restorative “life energy”

3)      Functioning in harmony with the mind, spirit and nature


The first stage of ZiJiu’s “Be Cancer-Free!” program teaches individuals how to attack the disease and reduce the negative side effects of radiation and chemotherapy treatments. The second stage focuses on preventing recurrence and health maintenance by accumulating a reservoir of  “health credits” through the transformation of genuine innate qi, which appears to strengthen the immune system and ward off corollary infections. To date, there have been over a dozen graduates of the program who now consider themselves cancer survivors.