Living "Life Empowerment"
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In this article, we will cover what Life Empowerment Wellness Center can mean to your life, your health, your family, and your community.  It will teach you how to Live Life Empowerment in every aspect of your life so you can soak yourself in the cleansing bath of life!

What is Life Empowerment?

I recognize “Life Empowerment” might seem like a funny name for a wellness and chiropractic office but let’s look at these words to find out what they really mean.  Life means simply, “the time between birth and death”.  We, as a species, are said to be “meaning making machines” who love to make everything mean something.  In the process of assigning significance to life, it really just comes down to the small definition of “the time between our birth and our death”.  Since we have to assign meaning to our lives by nature we often wonder what we will be remembered for and what we will have contributed from our lives.  Will we be remembered for our humor?  Our jobs?  Our family?  I think we all wonder about this from time to time, especially around the seasonal changes and holidays ….what ARE we here for?  What will your contribution be to the world that you focus on between your birth and your death?  That question will answer what your life’s purpose is and what you could be focusing your energy and efforts on.


Empowerment is defined as “giving power or authority to”.  To me, there is only one power giver and that is God. Although I seek Him as the source of all my power, I do recognize that I need to take responsibility for ALL my decisions, actions, AND THOUGHTS, for we have free-will to amplify our choices into our life.  In our culture we live in the “information age” where we have billions of bits of information entering our minds on a daily basis.  To feel the impact of overwhelm that the avalanche of information has on our lives just turn off ALL media (email too) for 2 days and I promise you, that you will realize just how much information we are allowing into our brains and therefore our lives.  This barrage of information distracts us from becoming all we can be and reaching our potential in life. 

Who is Life Empowerment Wellness Center?

Life Empowerment Wellness Center is the place where we seek to remove all the obstacles to the full expression of our life so we can discover and live our life’s purpose.  Now that’s a really big statement, so I want you to read it again. (I’ll wait)  Ok, now that you have thought about it a bit, let’s take a moment and realize that each one of us was created with a little miracle inside each of us.  This miracle has a personality, a body, a mind, a philosophy, emotions, connections to others, and a boat load of gifts in which it desires to share and dedicate to the world. (our life’s purpose).  As a child we are programmed to express our miracle all over the place, fully and unashamed…..and then….. we meet “the world”.  The world, filled with it’s constraining regulations that teach us to suppress our inner miracle….to “act” like everyone else….to try NOT to make things different….to learn how all the systems work so we can participate in them without causing too many waves.  OUR MIRACLE INSIDE US IS ALL ABOUT THE WAVE !!!!!!! 

How does this relate to Specific Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractic is detection and correction of subluxations. Subluxations are the blockages to the nervous system which is the master controlling system of your body that controls and coordinates EVERY ASPECT OF YOUR LIFE!  The reduction or removal of subluxations allow you to live your miracle more fully and closely as to it was designed. 

How does Life Empowerment relate to our amazing Nutrition & Detox Programs?

Nutrition is the building blocks to our body… YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!  No kidding with that… it truly does work that way.  If you want to know what your potential in life is you need to eat well and in this day and age you need to take supplements to make up for our industrialized lifestyles. Additionally, toxins from our chemical world bombard us from every direction on every day.  These toxins cloud our bodies, minds, and souls and block us from living our miracle. The detoxification programs are designed to rid or reduce our life of those daily life long toxins. 

How does Life Empowerment relate to our Exercise Recommendations?

Use it or lose it!  This phrase is powerfully true in every one of our lives. Exercise is the engine of our lives. Exercise is an amazing catalyst to every other factor of health.  It’s truly a powerful tool that you have to know how to use to get the very best results for your life.

How does Life Empowerment relate to our Mind and Emotions Program?

Often time in our life we have emotional anchors or phrases that replay in our mind every day on a subconscious level.  These emotions become barriers to our true greatness because they become believable stories in our mind that we let inhibit our life.  Our emotional release programs are designed to discharge those anchors so we are able to live fully and empowered in EVERY aspect of our lives!

How does Life Empowerment relate to Rest and Sleep?

Every aspect of life and health are impacted dramatically by sleep and rest.  This is the time you recover and heal.  You can not live a truly empowered and healthy live if you are having improper sleep and rest cycles.  You may feel like you can get away with it for a time but the laws of nature will balance you back out either gently or harshly.  So learn to sleep and rest properly so you can create amazing new cells, live energetically, and live your life’s potential. 


Our Life’s Purpose at Life Empowerment Wellness Center is to help you:

            Remove the physical barriers to your life (subluxation),

            To Detox your body so you can remove the chemical toxins that cloud your mind and body from your inner miracle

            To teach you to look for and remove any mental barriers that might be holding you back

            To empower and encourage you to live your miracle life 

            To empower and encourage you to teach others to live their miracle