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Have You Ever Tried A Media Fast?

Certainly you have heard of fasting and cleansing before but have you ever heard of a media fast?  In today’s day and age of being constantly connected to the internet, the radio, mp3 players, TVs, DVDs, email, texts, social media, cell phones and the hundreds of other media connections… our bodies never get the chance to reset and restore its mental health with quiet time.  This may be brushed off easily enough by folks that claim they are “too busy” and NEED to be connected, but the reality is that mental stress, anxiety, stress disorders, ADD, depression, ADHD, and every other mental stress disorder is skyrocketing in our country and even more in our children!  Addiction is another term that comes up strongly when we work with patients that have a dependence on the media.  If you were to pick up a phone and call a message center every 10 minutes throughout the day to see if you have a message, you would quickly realize there is a problem there but how many of us check our email ALL day long?  And, not only checking it, but feeling an extreme need to respond NOW to the email or facebook or twitter.. or whatever your substance may be.  Scientists have estimated that it takes the average mind 20 minutes to refocus on a task after being distracted.  That means that most people are running their lives on a continuum of distraction and never really able to think quietly and clearly thru any given task throughout their day.  This is not only incredibly destructive to our own mental and physical health but these folks are driving cars, buses, flying planes, performing surgery, and raising kids while under this influence!            

My Challenge:  Take 3 days away from all media - no TV, internet, newspaper, magazines, music, radio, or cell phones…nothing electronic. You’ll first notice the withdrawals you have from your addiction (seriously) but then the empowerment will soon take over.  You will feel the power of regaining control of your mind and taking control back of your life.  You’ll speak with people differently, you’ll sleep better, your organs will relax, and you are guaranteed to feel better and have a renewed zest for life!

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