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Surprising Causes of High Cholesterol

High cholesterol is a frightening diagnosis for millions of Americans.  The mention of diabetes conjures images of clogged arteries, heart disease, and an early death; interestingly, high cholesterol is really NOT an indicator of heart issues In fact, abnormal cholesterol levels indicate LIVER dis-ease more than they indicate heart dis-ease.  How is that for a radically NEW way of thinking?

  • The majority of cholesterol in your body is produced in your body (mostly within your liver). The high cholesterol in your body is NOT indicative of the high cholesterol foods you eat.  High blood cholesterol is a symptom of dys-regulation of your own cholesterol manufacturing system within your body… your liver!  Think about this - The amount of cholesterol you eat does not matter.  What matters is the amount of LIVER DAMAGING BEHAVIORS in which you partake.  Cholesterol is a very essential chemical that your liver makes to protect your nervous system cells, to insulate them, and to improve cell to cell communications.   Over time, as you damage your liver, it reveals signs of distress by showing abnormal blood cholesterol numbers.  Based on these numbers, the medical community utilizes statin drugs, like Lipitor, to suppress the liver’s cholesterol making system in an effort to “control” cholesterol.  Unfortunately, this treatment only addresses the SYMPTOM and never addresses the CAUSE.  (It is easy to see why one side effect of Lipitor is liver disease.)  Even though twenty years of scientific research proves otherwise, we continue to learn that high fat diets cause high cholesterol.  But, if fatty foods are not the issue, what is?  What factors destroy livers and raise cholesterol?  

  • The True Causes of High Cholesterol: The 5 main causes of high cholesterol are: toxic foods, mental stresses, under or over exercising, too much or too little sleep, and subluxations (pressure on the nerves going to the liver).  These factors are all devastating to the liver and, in turn, cause dys-regulation of cholesterol.  Dangerous foods also can produce a cumulative and devastating effect on liver health and blood cholesterol.  The most dangerous foods include: all sugars, white flour, processed foods, known and unknown food allergens, and trans-fats.  Over time, these foods not only decay the liver, but other organs as well.  

  • Our Approach: The Life Empowerment Wellness Center Doctors take a multi factorial approach towards addressing high cholesterol because multiple factors cause high cholesterol.  We painlessly treat the nerves going to the liver to aid liver health and healing.  We utilize specific liver supplements to help feed the liver back to health.  We measure and adapt your exercise and sleeping programs to ensure the best recovery and to strengthen your liver.  We identify foods in your diet that are causing the most destruction to your liver and coach you on how to best eliminate them.  Our treatments are safe and effective.

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