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Think Your Child Has ADHD?

The 2010-2011 school year is well into its first semester, and teachers and schools are learning a lot about children and their needs.  Perhaps, in fact, they believe they know YOUR child so well that they’ve informed you that your child has ADHD.  What do you do now?  At Life Empowerment Wellness Center, we suggest trying these things FIRST: 
  • Decrease TV Time:  Leading Neurologist Dr. Dan Murphy has stated that brain development is primarily driven by kinesthetic input.  That means learning through touch.  With today’s television and video games, although they are convenient babysitters and do provide auditory and visual stimulation, they offer no kinesthetic input to the brain.  This is so detrimental to brain development it is recommended that children under 2 years old NEVER EVER watch television!  These are some of the most important years of brain development in children.

  • Unplug the Video Games: The H in ADHD stands for hyperactivity.  Kids need to expend energy.  When you were a kid, you played outside until you got tired, then came inside and went to bed.  No TV for 4 hours per night, no video games.  With the number of hours kids play video games, there is no longer an outlet for physical energy.  Kids are getting fatter, and less intelligent than previous generations. Reading no longer seems like an option.   
  • Feed your child a vegetable!  Today’s processed foods are laced with food additives.  Two of the most dangerous to a child are MSG and Aspartame (Nutrasweet®).  They are both known neurotoxins.  That translates to: THEY CAUSE NERVE DEATH!  Your (and your child’s) brain and nervous systems are the most vital part of your bodies.  Why would you pollute what God gave you with substances that are slowly killing it?  Again, these should be absolutely avoided in small children when brain development is happening at its fastest.
THE NEXT STEP – Visit a chiropractor and avoid medications with dangerous side effects.   
At the Life Empowerment Wellness Center (LEWC), we can work with you and your child to achieve proven results.  We consider the 6 Factors of Health Wellness Model, especially focusing on Nutrition and Specific Chiropractic Adjustments to make a huge impact on the wellness of children “diagnosed” with ADHD.  Talk to your LEWC doctor today!

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