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Natural Treatments for ADD & ADHD in Adults & Kids

In wishing to fully address ways to resolve ADD and ADHD naturally, this article talks about the nutritional component.  There are several things that can be done nutritionally including removing the irritants and feeding the deficiencies that are causing the ADD and ADHD.

It is very important to find out what is irritating the nervous system and causing the heightened state of agitation.  Identifying the irritants and removing them will severely decrease the state of inflammation and heightened irritation on the neuro-hormonal-immune system.   A cutting edge blood test that checks for the food allergens, food additives, environmental toxins, environmental molds, and toxic heavy metals is called the ELISA ACT test.  This test checks the living lymphocytes (immune system cells) against hundreds of substances and the lab techs watch how the immune system reacts under a microscope.  This test is essential in finding the core irritants and restoring natural balance. 

Another cutting edge test is a urine test that checks the levels of neurotransmitters.  Neurotransmitters are necessary for thought processes, emotions, and other essential body functions including sleep and energy.  Neurotransmitters are divided into excitatory (such as Dopamine) and inhibitory (such as serotonin).  When we have too much excitatory and/or not enough inhibitory neurotransmitters we will be over stimulated and have attention issues.  Once we know the exact pattern of the neurotransmitters, we can use specialized supplements to bring them back to balance.  This is extremely effective in restoring core imbalance issues in the brain. 

We often find that with some simple diet modifications the patients will see dramatic improvement in their ADD/ADHD symptoms.  A high glycemic diet of sugar and starches coupled with not enough good saturated fats and omega 3 fats (Tuna Omega 3) for the brain are often a culprit.  Another common culprit is food additives such as food dyes, MSG, and preservatives.  Often there are also deficiencies in the whole complex of B vitamins and minerals. (Cataplex G, and MinTran are very effective.)  We have also seen great effectiveness using a product called OPC synergy, which are whole food antioxidants that feed the brain.  Many times, hyperactivity is due to stressed adrenal glands; we find feeding the adrenals to be helpful (Drenamin).  If you or your child are restless in bed and/or have a history of falling out of bed, parasites may also be a concern. 

At Life Empowerment Wellness Center we have much success in helping children and adults with attention deficits.  If you would like to customize a nutrition program for yourself or your child, please speak to Dr. Dan Kuehne.

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