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Setting & Achieving Wellness Goals

Wellness is a self planned higher quality human experience in ANY dimension of life, RESULTING FROM specific CHOICES and ACTIONS.   Here are some steps to help you achieve your personal wellness goals:

  • Steps to Achieve Goals:
  1. Write down 3 dreams you wish to accomplish this year.
  2. Circle the one you believe is easiest to accomplish.
  3. Write, in story form, how NOT accomplishing this dream affects you. (consequences)
  4. Turn your “consequence” story into short, one sentence bullet points.
  5. Write, in story form, how life will look and feel when you accomplish this dream. (possibilities)
  6. Turn your “possibilities” story into short, one sentence bullet points.
  7. Now, transform the dream into a GOAL.  Give the goal a start date and time and a completion date and time.  Indentify a way to measure progress including dates.  (Specific Measurable Outcomes)
  8. Identify 3 past actions that ever sabotaged your success in reaching goals and bullet-point them.
  9. Identify 3 NEW actions to replace these past sabotaging actions and turn them into bullet points.
  •  Old action: Come home from work and watch TV instead of exercising.
  •  New action step: Come home from work and do crunches while watching TV.
  1. Make one fresh, clean list that indentifies your GOAL on top.  Below it, include all of your consequences, possibilities, old actions, and new actions bullet points.
  2. Make 3 copies of the list.  Hang one on your home mirror, tape one where you work (i.e. desk), and place one near your body – pockets, underwear, ANYWHERE you’ll FEEL it all day. (NOT in a purse of briefcase) 
  3. Read your goal list completely in the morning, afternoon, and evening.
  4. Make the decision NOW that you will do this for 12 weeks.
By successfully achieving one goal, your body will automatically desire to achieve future goals.

At LEWC, we encourage you to shoot for the stars.  Always remember, we are here to encourage and support you as you strive to achieve your wellness goals.  Feel empowered & take control of life!

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