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Breast Cancer Empowerment for Men & Women

Reduce your cancer risks.  Read these guidelines.  Empower yourself.

 According to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, 200,000 new cases of breast cancer are diagnosed annually in the United States.

This year 40,000 people will die from the disease.

 For every 100 women diagnosed with breast cancer, one man also develops the disease.

 While genetics play a part in breast cancer risk, GENES DO NOT dictate human health.   The American Institute of Cancer Research estimates that healthy living makes about 40 percent of breast cancers preventable.

 Imagine...a healthy lifestyle is more powerful than genetics!

 Ask, learn, and take healthy steps!

Estrogen exposure is related to breast cancer.  A significant factor is synthetic hormone replacement therapy (HRT).   Use caution when using HRT to address menopause.  Also, be wary of oral contraceptives.  Birth control pills contain synthetic hormones.  Know that estrogen contamination exists in plastics, canned foods/beverages, food additives, cleaning products, and pesticides. Select natural alternatives to avoid these contaminated products.

 Ionizing radiation increases cellular mutations that lead to cancer.  Be aware that mammograms aim this type of radiation directly at breasts.  Optional screening tools are self breast awareness exams and thermography.  Both have NO damaging side effects. 

 SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) are a category of antidepressants that affect serotonin levels in the brain.  SSRIs are associated with increased breast cancer risk.

 Don't be fooled by unfermented soy products such as tofu, bean curd, soy milks, soy infant formula, soy protein powders and soy meat.  These products are advertised as healthy; be warned that unfermented soy products are linked to cancer. 

Consume foods scientifically proven to fighting cancers.  Members of the cruciferous, or cabbage family, are a great example.  This category includes broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, kale, cabbage, and bok choy.   Kelp, spicy foods, and evening primrose oil also provide powerful health benefits.  Recent studies show that drinking three cups of high quality unsweetened hot tea daily may slash breast cancer risk by 50% for women under age fifty.

A healthy diet, regular physical exercise, balanced sleep, and emotional well-being are essential in all cancer prevention programs.  Poor diet and lifestyle choices can change DNA and increase breast cancer risks of future generations.


  • Maintain a healthy body weight because fat produces estrogen.
  • Drink a quart of organic green vegetable juice daily.
  • Get plenty of high quality animal-based omega-3 fats.
  • When applicable, breastfeed babies exclusively for up to two years.
  • Search for alternatives to wearing underwire bras.
  • Avoid all sugars! Research is proving that sugar causes cancer.
  • Think twice before consuming alcohol. It is best to resist!
  • Switch to a diet low in carbohydrates.
  • Avoid items with electromagnetic fields, such as electric blankets.
  • Monitor iron levels and assure they are not excessive.
  • Find alternatives to charcoal or flame broiled meat, both linked to increased risk.
  • Acrylamide is a carcinogen that forms when starchy foods are baked, roasted or fried. Beware!


Include Vitamin A in diets by consuming organic egg yolks, raw butter, raw whole milk, and grass feed beef or chicken liver.  Also, Vitamin D is one of nature's most potent cancer fighters.  Sun exposure, in safe doses, optimizes your vitamin D levels. 

 Oral supplements are another option available to reduce your risks of cancer. 

The doctors at Life Empowerment Wellness Center wish to assist and educate! Learn to properly balance nutrition and live a healthy, cancer-free life.

Schedule a nutritional evaluation today! 

Ask any member of our team for more details.