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Dr. Mike Tumminello

Dr. Mike Tumminello founded his family oriented practice in 2001 and is the Clinical Director of HealthSource of Sandy Springs.  His patients travel from around the world to receive customized care, as his clinical training includes over twenty chiropractic specialties.   He is one of few doctors to have perfected NUCCA, a powerful healing system that encompasses a gentle technique to align the spine, create a healthier nervous system, and increase performance.  He officially became a Doctor of Chiropractic in 1998 after successfully completing coursework at the prestigious Life University in Atlanta, Georgia.  Dr. Mike is certified nationally for chiropractic and physical therapeutics.  He participates in numerous respected chiropractic, business, and community organizations. 

Dr. Mike has trained over 20 associate doctors and has taught over 50 chiropractic interns.  He teaches doctoral seminars in advanced chiropractic techniques and offers the community endless wellness presentations including his Six Factors of Health Model, a revolutionary program to maintain health and avoid disease.  In addition to being fully committed to his patients, he is devoted to his talented wife and associate, Dr. Dayma Rosello, and their two beautiful daughters.

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