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Dr. Mike Tumminello


About Dr. Michael Tumminello - “Dr. Mike”

Dr. Mike is a well-known speaker and healer.  He works extensively with the community, helping individuals AND families recognize health challenges and getting them on the road to wellness.  Dr. Mike is a licensed NUCCA chiropractor.  With a motto of “no cracks, no twists, no pops,” Dr. Mike uses a gentle technique to align the spine, create a healthier nervous system, and increase optimal performance in athletes.


Dr. Mike graduated from the prestigious Life University.  Afterwards, Dr. Mike went on a two-year journey to find the safest, most effective way to correct health problems and help them obtain OPTIMAL LEVELS OF HEALTH.  Dr. Mike discovered five keys to empower individuals for better health, which include a very powerful healing system called N.U.C.C.A.  N.U.C.C.A. gave him the vehicle to apply the wonders of chiropractic with the highest level of clinical science, exactness, and integrity.  Through the precision of N.U.C.C.A. chiropractic, Dr. Mike has been able to deliver what chiropractic has always promised…a better, more healthful life!  Many people have called this health system, “miraculous.” Dr. Mike is also a Certified Health Minister of the “Back to the Garden Health Ministries.”  His training was provided by Hallelujah Acres, a health and nutrition organization located in Shelby, North Carolina.


Dr. Mike utilizes many diagnostic tools to examine patients and determine what might be limiting their overall health and performance.  Dr. Mike uses a computerized spinal scan which detects electrical current, range of motion and temperature.  The scan helps determine if a misalignment in the spine could be affecting speed, agility, strength, or even illness.


If you would like to contact Dr. Mike, please email him at or call 404-255-4410.