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The Miller's - Testimony


When I first came to Dr. Rob, I was very skeptical.  I had a miscarriage in November of 2001, and I was trying to get pregnant without using fertility drugs.  Since I did not have any physical pains, I wasn’t sure how NUCCA could help me. 


I started seeing Dr. Rob in February 2002.  I could tell a difference after my first adjustment.  I had also had problems with constipation all my life, and tried just about everything to keep me “regular.”  Nothing was consistent.  Since that first adjustment, I had bowel movements just about every day – whereas before it was only once or twice a week.  When you are out of alignment, you don’t realize what body functions are affected – especially if there are no pains!


In March 2002, Dr. Rob recommended changing our eating habits and began a cleansing of my body to prepare for pregnancy along with the NUCCA adjustments.  This was very hard for me at first, but I feel better AND lost weight (what a bonus!)


In June 2002, I got pregnant!  I firmly believe it was only through the help of NUCCA, and of course, by God’s grace, that I got pregnant.  The amazing thing is that I have not had one day of morning sickness throughout my entire pregnancy.  I have been very healthy and my new baby boy is very healthy.  I believe this is due to NUCCA and changing my eating habits to a much healthier lifestyle.


As you can see, I went from skeptical to a firm believer in NUCCA and Dr. Rob.  He has been a great support, encouragement and cheerleader throughout this whole experience.


Laurie M. – Dunwoody, GA