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As an avid cyclist, I never imagined that I would some day be fat, depressed and in chronic pain.  My medical doctors and I were at a loss of a cause.  After thousands of dollars in worthless tests and drugs, I was just about to give up and blame it all on AGE.  I got more and more frustrated until I finally went to my neighbor’s chiropractor, Dr. Mike, at Life Empowerment.  After a really detailed evaluation of my whole body you wouldn’t believe what he found….


He found that it all started with my neck!  Each time I rode my bike I was positioned in a way that aggravated an old injury that caused a subluxation  in my neck.   The subluxation caused pain in my neck that was so intense that I slowly had to stop cycling and consequently caused me to gain weight.  As I gained weight and stopped exercising,… I became DEPRESSED!  I couldn’t believe it when it was right there in front of my eyes, but the medical doc was writing prescriptions for depression, and pain relief and weight loss, but never connected the dots that I expect doctors to do.


After just about 2 months my neck was tons better. I was back biking, I’m shedding the pounds, and I feel like a million bucks again!  I can’t imagine how many poor people out there are taking all sorts of drugs because their doctor wasn’t even LOOKING for the cause of their problems and are just writing prescription after prescription.


It’s about 2 years later now, I feel great and my whole family is now under chiropractic care at Life Empowerment and they are fixing our family nutrition and helping my kids to learn about wellness instead of waiting to break down like their dad.  To all the wives out there that have stubborn husbands like me… .please don’t give up, we’ll get it soon!


All my thanks to everyone at Life Empowerment


Ed in Marietta