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Nutritional Cleansing is built upon the health routine of cleansing, including fasting and drinking herbal remedies, which has been practiced throughout history. Cleansing gives the body the chance to rest, regenerate and assist in its natural ability to remove toxins and impurities to promote long-term wellness. However, Nutritional Cleansing improves upon this ancient practice with a system that cleanses, replenishes and revitalizes the body with essential nutrients. Fasting helps to remove impurities from the body, but Nutritional Cleansing speeds up this process by infusing the body with healthy nutrients.
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Good health depends on a number of factors, including proper nutrition.  Every day we see billboards, radio and television commercials and newspaper ads enticing us to dine at certain restaurants, or buy certain foods at the grocery store.  Just because the advertisement says the food is “good” or “healthy” does not necessarily mean that it will improve your health, especially if you consume certain foods on a regular basis.

Nutrition and chiropractic care go hand-in-hand.  For example, dairy products cause inflammation in humans, resulting in back pain, as well as a host other health conditions.  When soft tissue around the spine is inflamed, it can be more difficult for a patient to hold a chiropractic adjustment for a period of time.

During your examination, the chiropractor may ask about your diet and eating patterns, or perhaps to keep a DIET DIARY.  Your treatment plan may include alternative dietary choices, food combinations or additions in order to help restore your health.

Loss of mobility as well as weight gain are a common occurrence in those suffering from chronic back pain. This consequent weight gain can further impair mobility and aggravate pre-existing back pain. The goal of nutritional intervention with these patients is to improve dietary behaviors and/or choices for weight maintenance or weight loss. A realistic approach of emphasizing improved eating, instead of rigid diet plans, has proven to be more successful in achieving long term success in the prevention and treatment of obesity.

At HealthSource of Sandy Springs, not only do we provide nutritional counseling on an individual basis (including using whole food supplements to help you get well), and we provide information and opportunities to attend classes on eating health and staying balanced. 

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