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Feel the Possibilities With Chiropractic


If there is one thing that modern medicine and the emergence of managed care and Medicare has taught us, it is that there is no greater person we can task with keeping us healthy than ourselves. As Americans continue to get sidelined by surprise medical costs and more “uncovered” health expenses, we have all begun to discover that the best healthcare investments we can make are in ones that will be proactive and prevent us from going to the hospital or doctor to begin with.


In fact, staying healthy shouldn’t be a financial windfall for anybody other than yourself. As a country, Americans spend more on their health than any other, and yet they suffer from more disease than over half of all the other nations in the world. Disillusioned with the temporary results of traditional medicine, 25 million Americans are now turning to the healing hands of chiropractors for long-term health solutions.

What they have discovered through chiropractic is that the body is self-healing, which means it can correct most of its own health problems when it is functioning normally. It is your nervous system that controls the ultimate health and function of your organs and body, which is why it is so critical to maintain the health of your spine. In essence, only you can cure you. 1 What your chiropractor can do to assist in your healing is to locate and remove any interference to your nervous system allowing your body’s healing abilities to take over.


Chiropractic Opens Whole New World of Health Possibilities


Haven’t we all scratched our heads wondering how one person in the office or our home could manage not to catch the virus or bug that everybody else had gotten? Well, the answer must surely lie in the “fitness” of  each person to resist disease. Whether it is arthritis, asthma, allergies, otitis media, osteoporosis or exposure    o anthrax that the body needs to fight off, don’t you think it will do a better job of it if it has a healthy, well-adjusted spine and a fully functioning nervous system?


        Chiropractic care is safer, more effective and less costly than medical treatments when it comes to treating lower back pain.

        Patients rate the quality of the care given them by their chiropractor much higher than what they receive from traditional providers.

        Senior citizens who see a chiropractor use less medical services, hospitals and prescription drugs and have a 15% lower admission rate to nursing homes.

        Children with ear infections (otitis media) recover faster under chiropractic care than with antibiotics.


I’ve found that the chiropractor, in a natural way, keeps things in balance in my body. I find that after bus rides  or plane rides, or especially in a lot of stressful, creative situations, one way to free yourself to get ready for them, or to get rid of them, is a trip to the chiropractor.” Marty Stuart, Musician


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