How Lack of Sleep Can Make You FAT!
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Most Americans live a fast-paced life, often skipping meals and taking caffeine in order to stay awake for longer, “more productive” hours.  But is it making us FAT??? 


There are many factors that will run down the body, and make you gain weight.  Stresses to the body can be physical, emotional or chemical.  They can be caused from spinal subluxations, running a marathon, having a hard day with your boss at work, or even eating poor food combinations.  To find out more about nutrition and sleep read this testimonial about a lifetime of insomnia cured with nutrition.


Sleeping allows the body to repair itself and combat the day’s stresses.  When you feel tired or sleepy, that’s your intelligent body telling you what it needs.  Pushing your limits by taking caffeine or other stimulants can cause the body to ultimately break down.  Sleep deprivation affects the body much like stress, increasing cortisol levels, distorting thyroid hormone levels, and elevating glucose and insulin.  All of these factors contribute to WEIGHT GAIN.


Rest is necessary for renewed energy.  When we are adequately rested, we concentrate better and improve our efficiency.  Resting is definitely not a time waster if it helps us be more focused and effective in what we do.  We are also more motivated to exercise when we have had a good night’s sleep, and we know that will cause us to lose weight.


Sleeping is not a time waster either.  When we sleep, the body gets rid of waste products, circulates minerals, vitamins and hormones, and allows the body to naturally defend and repair itself from potential diseases.  Since toxins are stored in fat cells, allowing the body to detoxify itself each night as you sleep will improve you ability to lose weight.


One of the best sources of information and inspiration about resting the body can be found in our “Get Healthy, Stay Balanced 9-Week Course” offered each quarter.  Give us a call to reserve your spot.