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Spinal Twist

Click HERE to Download "Spinal Twist"

The Spinal Twist Exercise

Remember to always consult your chiropractor before taking on new exercises or stretches.  As with any exercise or stretch, if this causes pain, stop and consult your chiropractor.

Ok let's get started:
  • Do NOT strain or leverage by grabbing the back of the chair or your knees.  This is a gentle and effective stretch that alleviates many small kinks in the spine and helps with stabilization. 
  • Let's get into proper position.
  • Seated with feet firmly planted on the floor about shoulders width apart.
  • Twist your neck and spine to the right all the way and hold in position for 10 seconds.  Come back to center for approximately 5 seconds.  Then repeat to the left.  You can repeat this several times a day. 

    Suggested wellness use is:
  • 3 times before bed
  • 3 times at midday
  • 3 times in the morning 
    This simple exercise is a wonderful addition to anyone's spinal wellness program.