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Can Exposure to the Sun Be Good for Your Health?

Abundant sunshine is great for your health.  It has been know to lower blood pressure and blood sugar, increase cardiac output and stress tolerance, as well as strengthens out immune system and draws toxins out of the body through our skin!

 “But what about the rise in number of skin cancers?  Shouldn’t I worry about overexposure to the sun?” you ask.  A recent research study from Baylor College of Medicine sheds light on the increase of skin cancers, and how we can prevent skin cancer while still enjoying the awesome health benefits of the SUN!

The study showed that a diet high in COOKED fats (free radicals) and chemical ingredients, and low in leafy greens, greatly increases the risk of skin cancers.  Many of us are full of toxins and free radicals due to a poor diet, and are unable to tolerate much exposure to the sun without sunscreens.  This is because the free radicals and toxins in the unprotected skin are baked and mutated by the sun’s rays.  A diet rich in raw, natural foods can effectively eliminate that risk.

As we return to a natural, living diet, our systems begin to cleanse and our relationship with the sun begins to return to its normal, beautiful state.  We no longer burn as readily, our need for sunscreen diminishes, and the sun can provide the many health benefits we have mentioned.

The sun balances our hormone production, including metabolism of Vitamin D.  No supplement can substitute because of how sunlight gives the body the ability to metabolize the right amount of Vitamin D needed to grow bones.  Supplements can actually cause bones to break down.

As an added bonus, Sunshine also reduces our resting heart rate, destroys fungus and candida (an overgrowth of yeast in the body), and best of all, the sun cultivates a healthy, positive attitude!

So eat right, get the amount of sunlight you can tolerate.  Start slowly as you begin to cleanse the toxins from your body, and enjoy the Summer Sun!