Sunshine Helps You LOSE WEIGHT & fight DEPRESSION
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We would all love for a way to regulate our metabolism so that we can lose weight.  We would all love to find a natural way to be happy and fight depression.  Guess what…. Science has found a way to do both and it’s completely FREE…


The sun stimulates a hormone in your body called, MSH, which regulates your metabolism.  The sun also provides you with Vitamin D, a vital HORMONE that is necessary to fight depression, and regulates melatonin levels (and fights cancer and builds bones, and help detox).


As days grow shorter and animals are exposed to less sunshine, their bodies produce more melatonin, causing them to hibernate (sleep).  Humans respond similarly to lack of sunlight.  We require more sleep.  Healthy doses of sunshine (early day or evening sun is best) energize your body and mind, and help fight depression.


Dark-skinned people require approximately 6 times more exposure to the sun than lighter-skinned people to absorb the same amount of Vitamin D.  Other factors which may affect a individual’s ability to get the benefit of the sun’s good rays include cloud cover, pollution, use of sunscreen, etc.


Many people are concerned about overexposure to the sun, sunburn and the threat of skin cancers.  Those are legitimate concerns, however, avoiding the sun altogether will prevent you from getting the sun’s amazing health benefits. 


Combating Sunburn and Risk of Skin Cancers

As the warm season begins, or as you start getting outside more, limit your time in the sun to a few minutes and gradually increase exposure to sunshine.  This will allow your body to adapt to the rays and decrease risk of overexposure..


Also as you eat more fruits and vegetables and limit your consumption of processed foods and animal products, you will notice less sunburn.


Sunscreens can do more harm than good.  Since your skin is your largest organ, anything  you put on your skin will be absorbed into your body.  Most sunscreens are a composed of toxic chemicals which can damage your body over time.  If you do need a sunscreen we recommend the Arbonne Sunscreen available at LEI. Your best bet is to get good doses of natural sunlight in small portions without the use of sunscreen.