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Do We Need Supplements?


Nature provides all the elements of life to nourish our bodies through food, air, water and abundant sunshine, however, over time, our environment has changed.  Our atmosphere is allowing more radiation from the sun.  Our air and water quality have been contaminated by pollution. Modern farming practices have depleted the soil of valuable nutrients.  Food suppliers also use pesticides, herbicides, growth hormones and preservatives in the growth, harvesting and processing of our food supplies. 


You should be able to get most of your nutrients from quality whole foods.  However, with the challenges in our evolving ecosystem, we must compensate by adjusting our sources of food, water and our lifestyle, and supplement our diets.


Not all food supplements are created equal.  The body absorbs nutrients best when it has the appropriate enzymes to break down specific foods.  Synthetic vitamins and minerals are not easy for the body to absorb.  We recommend selected supplements that you can purchase at our office or elsewhere.  To the right are buttons which can tell you more about food supplements that we recommend and why.


Digestive Enzymes

Standard Process